Last modified 09/23/17

Terms and Conditions

for the use of the platform.
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Gencomex, expresses the terms and conditions for the access and use of including all the content, functionality and services offered through the web platform, for those users who are verified and registered.

1. Roles and responsibilities

The platform is established as a neutral communication channel between Exporters / Importers and Freight Forwarders, to streamline international logistics processes. You acknowledge and agree that Gencomex is providing only an online platform where your service is to be a facilitator of your transactions, and is not in its functions, act or provide freight forwarding services, or any transportation agency service, whether air , maritime, terrestrial, couriers, customs agents, or other entities of transportation agency and international trade. Gencomex is an intermediary between both parties, the Exporters / Importers and the Freight Forwarders, and in no case is the agent, employee or sponsor of the parties. Gencomex is not responsible for the information provided by both parties, and is not responsible for any liability, or obligation that arise or are related to your transportation contract. The Exporters / Importers that use the online platform and the Gencomex services, request quotes for specific transport needs from a pool of Freight Forwarders.

Faced with this, the Exporters / Importers represent and guarantee that: (1) they present true, accurate and correct information regarding the company, its cargo and the characteristics of its shipment, (2) it has an interest in comparing and contracting the international logistics service with the freight forwarders selected (3), understands and accepts that, the route, transit time, conditions, form and modal / submodal transport, chosen are based on their judgment and independent election, being the responsibility of the contractor the responsible for his own choice.

Freight Forwarders use the platform to offer specific transportation or agency opportunities to companies that request their services. Faced with this, the Freight Forwarders guarantee that: (1) they will submit a quote according to the information provided by the Exporting / Importing company, (2) has the necessary transportation agency licenses, permits, authorities, insurance and links to provide your services at all times 3) You acknowledge and accept that your service offer to serve an Exporter / Importer, is based on your judgment and by independent determination, being you the one who risks the choice.

2. Payments and obligations

In the condition of Exporter / Importer, your company has no responsibility to make a direct payment to Gencomex on any occasion. The costs related to your transportation service will be fully paid directly to the Freight Forwarder chosen at your discretion, in any and / or any occasion. Gencomex does not intervene in the modality, conditions or terms of payments agreed with each freight forwarder. Faced with this, the Exporter / importer has the responsibility before the selected Freight Forwarder, for the totality of the costs, charges and concepts accrued for each shipment and all the services rendered according to the terms and conditions. Any difference between the offer of the suppliers and what is contracted through the platform is subject to a unique and exclusive clarification between the contracting company and the provider.

In the condition of Freight Forwarder, Gencomex will charge a commission for each shipment quoted and specified through the platform. The commission will be applied to the total amount of the quote, which includes expenses of origin, destination and international freight. Faced with a rate variation, due to the accuracy or lack of information requested by the contracting company, actual services or changes in dates, Gencomex will apply the commission on the amount that favors the Freight Forwarder, always choosing the lowest rate, regardless of that the value quoted by the platform is greater.

3. Payment of commissions

The payment of commissions by the Freight Forwarders will be made between the 1st and the 10th of each month, against invoice issuance, valid for 30 days. The commissions will be posted to the expired month, where only the operations that have taken effect the shipments and not the award of the same by the platform will be taken into account.

4. Access to information and security

We reserve the right to withdraw or modify information, features and design, both the website and the web platform, being this at our sole discretion and without prior notice.

You are responsible for: Ensuring that all people who access the platform and use the Gencomex service are aware of these Terms of Service and comply with them.
To access the Website and use certain functions of the Services, you may be asked to provide certain registration data or other information so that you can register or operate the account (for example, RUT, Company name, contact information). .

It is a necessary condition that all the information you provide on the Website is correct, current and complete.

If you choose or are provided with a username, password or any other information as part of our security procedures, you should treat such information as confidential and should not disclose it.

We have the right to disable any username, password or other identifier, either chosen by you or provided by us, at any time in our sole discretion for any or no reason, including if, in our opinion, you have violated any provision of these terms and Conditions.